Angel investment people do not understand you regret it!
brightest Angel: Be careful that no brand protection awareness of the team known apple mango fruit net Introduction: ‘Qihoo’ registered trademark Recently, the industry found a company called ‘Qihoo Investment Limited’ (hereinafter referred to as the odd tiger investment) of Hong Kong companies in the country registered a trademark 139 Internet-related companies, and 2015 Latest Nike Shoes are registered trademarks of category turned out to be the lifeblood of the Internet company’s Class 9 (downloadable software; downloadable computer programs), Qihoo investment This move is no doubt the company’s Dragon sword rack directly above it in the neck more than 100 Internet companies. The industry’s guess, ‘Mr. E’ (Zhou) This Qihoo Investment Co., Ltd. and the famous in the end whether the connection? If it is really that of Mr. E, then why the next murderous Mr. E? In cybersquatting behind this inhuman, hidden in the end what the hidden secret? The fruit will be announced one by one for you …… project better, but also afraid of robbers was found cybersquatting before Qihoo plot, the fruit had a famous site in the show business platform some entrepreneurial projects a simple known to produce investigative work, then surprised to find that many projects have already received angel investment round, not even trademarks Nike Air Max Excellerate+2 are not registered. At that time Air Jordan 7 in front of the renminbi feel a flying fruit, and if this time to vote the money, several well-known investors registered trademark of project investment, and then quietly concerned about a two-year, waiting for the hike. Only registered several trademarks, enough? NO! Air Jordan 2 Rush to patent? Not a problem! Complex technology can not imitate, imitate structure, to be a utility model patent can always be! Then not only imitate the appearance, get a few overall appearance of the patent has become, right? Look at the Samsung and Apple’s patent dispute will know, in fact, not very valuable patent appearance (do not know the price, please contact degree of Air Jordan 19 your mother). Why would follow the famous investor do? There is little doorway friends. How often do an Internet project? How do? Have much value? Who can give it up, so the best way is to go along with investors, if well-known investors are optimistic about the project, it is bound to make a point of movement, the trademark registered people are bound to be of concern. We all believe that these well-known vision of angels, known especially natural production robbers. Ignorance yield protection thinking entrepreneurial team, the Angels need to be cautious to select a start-up Internet companies can afford, nobody. But as long as there are cattle fork imaginative technology or business model, coupled with the founder and several full of passion, it is enough to attract the attention of an angel. However, if you do not know how to put their valuable skills and brand protected, then re-cross cattle to no avail. Just think, when the project to market when the brand was counterfeit products being imitated business model was copied, how to do? Definitely ‘play’ ah! But I’m sorry, you have no right hand, what could ‘fight’? Maybe people also turn against you infringing it! You want to pay big bucks to buy it back? Sorry, people do not want to sell! This lack of business sense only general pit master, as long as a timely reminder to investors, as well as save. Really terrible is Chuaizhuo understand those stupid, this person is known to produce from the good of robbers. They project or technology itself is copying someone else, people being the main home defenders is something every minute! A lawsuit thrown over, its not only affected the promotion of the project is Jordan Slide Sandals more likely to be because the core intellectual property rights resulting from the project stalled, paralysis, such a project that you dare to vote? Fruit wanted to remind you of angels angel always say you start to see that, as long as people on a project, there is hope. That fruit is saying is that, in addition to Man, the look of intellectual property rights is also important. Jordan Dominate Pro A team of the views and practices of intellectual property can show the team’s commitment and determination. So your angels, look at your project team cast those intellectual property right, they need to protect the fruit of ah (Oh, to tell the truth out accidentally) Finally …… looks like a lot of talk, but all and the previously mentioned Secret Qihoo cybersquatting is it has nothing to do …… (beside a long time!) Well, the fruit is actually not know the cybersquatting Qihoo been associated with Mr. E is (Readers Gentlemen: ‘Give me !!) However, as long as you think about it you know, who would use his name first to do something so sinister it Mr. E This is a known gun lying fruit produced net,?. Copyright [groupid = 214] Beijing city will [/ groupid]