[Case] ​​Papa John’s: annual increase turnover by 80 million O2O mode
around Air Jordan 3 the world as Nike Air Max 1 Hyperfuse a set up more than 4,000 chain restaurants, a 30-year-old pizza brand, Papa John surprisingly no choice, ‘rest Air Jordan 7 on its laurels’, but actively embrace the Internet. It is understood that Papa John’s online ordering through O2O, Takeout mode, new year, turnover reached 80 million. O2O create a closed loop with three unified retailers in the traditional style of play, mainly in store sales as the main carrier, and the Internet invasion, bringing more traffic entrance. Papa John’s from five years ago began to O2O transition online traffic entrance including online ordering, APP, micro-channel ordering, as well as other third-party platform drainage reservation form. Entrance much it will bring more traffic, but at the same time will cause a certain degree of confusion, Papa John’s orders to the service center unified, unified supply chain integration, unified user experience, through the ‘three reunification’, the line Under the fusion line. 1, unified integration platform orders. If APP, micro-channel ordering, online ordering and other sales channels are using separate systems, databases, stores will certainly be confusing, therefore, Papa John will integrate these channels into a unified order platform, behind this platform is Papa John’s corporate information systems. Orders based on a unified platform, Papa John’s service center is unity; 2, Nike Air Max Excellerate+2 unified user experience. Unified service center, we can also ensure the unity of external services, to help enhance the user experience; 3, unified supply chain. For Papa John’s, the most difficult and most critical it is to integrate a unified supply chain. Jingdong cooperation with convenience stores, for example, to integrate Jingdong convenience store, how to ensure that consumers Jingdong an 2015 Latest Nike Shoes order, which is responsible for the distribution of stores consumers want to buy something? This requires the integration of Jingdong clearly each store inventory data. But the reality is, many times inventory of the store, the price is different, this time inventory data is more complex, and therefore, will be a challenge to integrate the store. Papa John’s data integration, the geographic, product, price is not the same store inventory data unified integration, a customer ordering, you can see that it belongs Which shop distribution range, and allowed to see this product in the store prices. Papa John’s supply chain integration also includes distribution sectors, its order and delivery of a single integrated, Papa John’s delivery alone can automatically generate customer delivery address, product information, which is displayed in the delivery staff phone, also shows the distribution route . After the take-away delivered to consumers, consumers sign to complete the reservation, room to sign a closed-loop process. For dining takeout O2O, it must know the price of consumer goods orders near the stores, inventory, can really O2O complete closed-loop, or is likely to occur after consumers get things under a single condition, even 30 minutes can not be guaranteed within the food to the consumer hands. O2O pattern generating large data, the impact of store layout now, just by catering O2O buy and scheduled in such a way to cut, but the ultimate goal should be the dining O2O data return, a large data Nike Air Max Excellerate+2 platform through O2O mode. Papa John’s is having a big takeout business data to adjust store layout strategies. Papa John’s commitment takeaway served about 45 minutes, the time commitment is closely related to the region’s food and beverage brand stores radiation. Papa John’s hands are a regional radiation pattern, when you see there Nike Blazer Unisex is the space into the phone ordering, they expressed the need to shop at that place, which is the formation of large data through the practical application of the O2O mode. In order to increase the consumption rate, do precision marketing, Papa John also incorporates online and offline, to launch an electronic membership card, and more accurate to say that a mobile two-dimensional code, which is stored members of the consumer, integration, as well as several times before consumption. It is understood that Papa John’s next step is to set up a two-dimensional code for each product to directly select the two-dimensional code after consumers to choose products and then pay with a micro-channel. Papa John’s summary in the catering sector is weighty pizza business, can quickly adjust the direction and strategy in the face of the impact of the Internet. O2O model can be said ordering, best takeaway, of which the most difficult part is the integration of data, the ability to integrate the unified management of the store, the store layout, takeaway delivery time, the user experience has a great help. Source: goods transit network Summary: Xiao Yan