Speculation in 2013: Android and iOS a winner it?
fruit powders like to say how many thousands of APP APP Store application under iOS platform there, but it is worth noting that, iPhone5 into China in the first time node performance in general, causing analysts cut their shipments iPhone5, bringing Apple shares on the capital market decline. In fact, simply look at the Apple iOS and Google Android competition for a long time, and had been recognized by Apple APP advantage may not necessarily true or advantage in future competition. There is a news, AppStore and Google Play real money on the applications are less than a quarter, and more than half of the top 25 are occupied by the application. Clearly in terms of iOS or Android, even if just do APP, a few people are bound to win, although some free advertising APP can be loaded by the manufacturer downloads, traffic, etc. to get some benefits, but more probably impossible APP application receive any income in the iOS platform, developers will eventually make it difficult to continue the momentum of this platform. For Android, the application because of their income as good as iOS, and therefore the future, as there is no such confusion, it questioned the application under Microsoft Windows Phone platform may not be too much concerned about. Because really be liked and accepted by the user application or a minority, in fact, we look at your own mobile terminal number of the APP is commonly used? Is not it a dozen or so are dozens? Nokia Lumia920 whether in Europe or and cooperation in moving Chinese market, Apple iPhone5 is a competitive repression, which is competing for the same level, perhaps the only regret is only Microsoft’s own Windows Phone platform development has been slow. Of course, the competition between iOS and Android, it is better winner has been difficult. Perhaps this competition will continue in 2013, one can not separate the pros and cons, Air Jordan 21 or between par, I think there is a more significant change. iOS and Android in the battle will continue between 2013, if the iPhone is no groundbreaking new products appear, then, Android to iOS repression might be even greater. Air Jordan 7 There is an interesting dimension is that Apple abandoned after Google Maps, the map has been widely criticized for their users. After the iPhone and iPad and Google Maps application launched against, has been widely praised, the first day of free APP list of the first to rush in the APP Store, which once again proves powerful search giant software development capabilities, as Nike Air Max 95 DYN FW well as They focus on the software. Apple put more focus on third-party developers to rely on their own to launch some applications in general. Google is now more decentralization to the 2015 Latest Nike Shoes Android device manufacturers, to concentrate on doing their own systems and developing applications, while Apple’s focus is on the hardware itself, either Apple iPhone or iPad involve more effort, but the mobile Internet market focus is terminal or application? In the current market development, application slightly better control of power terminal of gradual decline, down from iPhone5 can glimpse the evident influence on the market. After all, more and more similar products, similar products and iPhone5 Samsung Galaxy III, Lumia920, Galaxy note and other market competitiveness are strong. It reported that, Google still develop applications for iOS platform software sector as its focus, rather than only work for Android, which is Google on Apple recognized and valued. When Google applications more fruit powder favored by exclusive or let them go in the future or end application determines the market determine the market? Of course, boredom is iOS or Android, their ecosystems are slightly different, but the same is both Air Jordan 12 more control the habits and needs of the user application. But iOS is closed, while Android is relatively open. Of course, for Android is there are some other pressures, such as Acer and Ali cloud had been subjected to Google’s \u0026 ldquo; \u0026 rdquo ;, blocked but this situation also shows that in some applications is beyond the reach of Android, such as B2C. There is also a noteworthy place in 2013, Nokia will not be changed? For example, in the same time to make Microsoft’s Windows Phone, will flock to Android? It is reported that, in an internal survey, 75% of Nokia employees in favor of development Android phone to recover Nike Air Max 2011 sales, although Android camp has become a competition the Red Sea, but not enough to force Windows Phone camp, more people still think Nokia might give yourself more choice. Dealers Air Jordan 13 also said, \u0026 ldquo; good quality Nokia, low repair rate, in the minds of consumers still have appeal, if replaced by Android system, and Samsung still win a fight. \u0026 Rdquo; if put into the Android camp, Nokia 2013, then will change the balance, the balance will occur slightly tilted. Via i dark horse By horse knife