Europe is not conducive to entrepreneurship The term
‘entrepreneur’ (Entrepreneur) from the French, but in many other French and European countries, the number of entrepreneurs is much less than countries like the United States. Several decades ago, in a way this is a mentality problem – the idea was not to create a business rooted in European culture and education. This situation has changed, but a major obstacle now is the lack of opportunities for start-up companies through open market financing. Ronald? Sir Cohen has been committed to the promotion of entrepreneurship in Europe work. As a co-founder headquartered in Europe leading global private Ji Jinan Apax Partners, he shared the view of the European venture, both effective measures, including the practice is not conducive to entrepreneurship. Your business career has just started, people thought the state of entrepreneurship is what? I got into Harvard Business School in the fall of 1967, when start-ups are beginning to form, but few people noticed this phenomenon. At that time, a French government minister Jean – Jacques Servan -? Schreiber (Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber) published a best-selling book ‘America’s Challenge’ (The American Challenge), the book presents US companies – - big business – is destined to dominate Europe and the world. But this analysis ignores the damaging effects of new technology, which will lead to loss of mature large companies and layoffs. Innovative companies such as DEC, reflecting the United States an advantage over Europe. America’s education system better, especially in the field of new technologies. Business culture open to innovation, encourage competition and adventure, and way more convenient access to capital here. Over the past 30 years, the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe changed? Entrepreneurial environment needed include low capital gains tax rates, supporting the stock market, supporting entrepreneurship and small business policies. 30 years ago, no such circumstances in the United Kingdom or other European countries. Equally troubling, for wealth creation and risk-taking are also biased. Many people think that the British, German and French nature is not adventurous, there is no entrepreneurial spirit. Now the situation has changed. But so far, the European high-tech entrepreneurs than their American counterparts to remain in a serious weakness, because there is no 2015 Latest Nike Shoes equivalent European market NASDAQ stock market, while the Nasdaq market to provide liquidity for the seriousness of start-ups. Results of European investment in Nike Air Max 2013 start-ups is about half of the US, Europe is far behind technological innovation. The gap between Europe and the United States is so Jordan Dominate Pro large that a high-tech entrepreneurs in Air Jordan 2 Europe after the establishment of the company, had to seriously consider whether to move to the United States, because companies that need large sums of financing, when there might be more receptive to the new company’s stock market . What is worth in favor of or against the terms of business situation in Europe today? A positive development is the introduction of the euro, which helped to create price transparency and more efficient competition. But Europe is still separated by national boundaries, resulting Air Air Jordan 5 Jordan 6 in the overall Nike Air Max 2012 market apart. There is no uniform financing rules in the EU, which means that enterprises would like to hope that all countries were to submit registration materials financing. Another scenario has not changed, if someone fails in the European venture, that stigma will be hard to make a comeback. The United States has more healthy notion that entrepreneurship is a process of trial and error: if one business fails, people think that this experience in his business again will help. In Europe, this may be understood as ‘painful attempt,’ it was not worthy of success. How do you compare business in Europe and emerging markets business in the world? I think countries like the development of an entrepreneurial society in China and India have an advantage, because there are not so mature high-growth markets, entrepreneurial efforts can get fast and high the amount of return. If the government understand the role of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial support system requirements, they can progress quickly, in a short time build entrepreneurial economy. Examples of Israel has a guiding role. Over the past 15 years, the development of high-tech start a very important economic component of Israel and establish a strong entrepreneurial role models. Europe has no other policy changes to promote entrepreneurship? I believe that Europe must maintain low taxes on capital gains, and make more efforts to create a single financial market and the stock market, like the Nasdaq, as concerns start-ups. No matter what country, successful entrepreneurs are different, they have the confidence and perseverance risk into opportunity, while others see only risk.