[Defeat] Ding to ‘disappear,’ the source: Culture difficult run-in resulted in division
Dingjiayi brand after the acquisition, revenue continued to decrease drag on company performance, so that the final was abandoned. Curtis Group will be attributed to you is: ‘Brand key management members to leave earlier than expected, so that the Group can not effectively integrate the business.’ M \u0026 A year, Ding brand founder resign 2015 Latest Nike Shoes away, the following year, a number of key sales personnel followed. Just as many other acquisitions, like culture difficult run-in is the most important cause of division. Cultural conflict is in the old topic of merger cases, the final analysis is the talent management and use. It is reflected in the goal difference, power struggles, values ​​embodied and working guidelines. After strong foreign giants in wholly acquired local brands, from equities and psychological advantages, making hard hard work out of the world team of local brands mental imbalance. When proud to expand the scope of foreign investment, the local brand team cares about is the loss of freedom and the right to speak. Above this balance is difficult to mature, the rule-based solution. Access to assets is not difficult, the difficulty is in future performance, execution must rely on people like a partner at McKinsey said, ‘In Air Jordan 7 fact, only 1% strategy, 99% is executed.’ When Coty Asia vice president David Ennes replace Ding Ding brand founder 庄文阳 to operate, even in the face the same market, the same assets will still imitate aliasing, called acclimatized. Acclimatized reason is the lack of Chinese cities and towns farm market culture, understanding and thinking consumption habits and channel characteristics. After a day of foreign giants into China, accustomed to laying line market based on past experience, but Ding’s founder 庄文阳 at the beginning of the establishment of brand Nike Basketball Shoes quickly discovered, ‘Chinese domestic market of meat in the countryside, the bones in the city’, he asked sales team in China forty thousand townships, scored ten thousand. Chinese cities and towns farm market is extremely fragmented, large differences in spending habits, language barrier, no mature department stores, stores, not even a small super channels. For dispersion, the situation Air Jordan 19 of different markets, but also have a different marketing strategy, and then learned that the end consumer demand, but also on the basis of its own product-oriented, to change their spending habits, it’s not easy. In addition, for the underlying public on products, not only have the price advantage, but also large, wide channels, clear brand positioning, advertising in place, the channel is also a more complex demands and characteristics. For foreign investors, the more grounded gas products more difficult to operate. Foreign company’s own processes, the complexity of the decision, but also makes it vulnerable in Nike Air Max 2012 a competitive low-tier cities of China. In recent years, with the first-tier cities saturated, strong competition in the market segments, foreign companies want to continue to consolidate the achievements in China, it must roots in the market, in the past the usual brand superiority and market conditions very different to choose from start a local Air Jordan 5 brand acquisitions. But in the end, only local brands acquired as its touchstone lower tier cities in China, some as big treasure, a small nurse gradually eliminate hiding, but also as Coty and Ding, drag each other, each other consumption. Then foreign wronged, lose the wife of another soldier, who was also speculation that the ‘acquisition of a local brand is to exterminate the brand.’ Defeated more foreign investment, just because they can not localize the face of complex Chinese domestic market acclimatized, not just Garnier, Revlon, there are plenty of local brands disappeared after the rise of cases. Nike Air Max 2011 To conquer in the end depend on what the end user, only professional and professional people to grasp that experience or success or failure. It is also the home of Ping An Trust and dispute, the original general manager of Shanghai Jahwa Wang Zhuo said, ‘In the cosmetics industry in the face of complex and wilderness of the market environment, entrepreneurs (referring Gewen Yao) in strategic product launch and to promote the crucial role can not be ignored, ‘the entrepreneur offensive, resilience and a strong driving force, not by MBA tutorial-style decision logic, the implementation of a set of KPI assessment and risk control, or other advanced management mode can be substituted . Ding Zhuangwen Yang to leave after three years later disappeared, the once daily chemical industry sales in the domestic top three domestic brands, only a pile of tangible assets in each of the large sums of brand goodwill impairment, asset impairment equipment Thereafter, the resulting burden Coty performance, had enough to be halted. Source: The Economic Observer