Li Ning will repurchase stock or 4-5 fold gift or sold to poor countries
? Source: Xiaoxiang Morning large sports brand Li Ning later to become 2015 Latest Nike Shoes the biggest pain, this time, Li Ning has finally decided to ‘strengthen the country broken wrist.’ A Hunan Li Ning more than five years of follow informed dealers told reporters, Li Ning Hunan Availability will be practical ease, Hunan region, about 5000 million in inventory will be classified as Li Ning repurchase range, the said goods back most likely sold or given poor countries abroad after purchase. Instead, a large number of Li Ning new products. Hunan’s ‘buyback’ is actually part of the Li Ning ‘channel revival plan’, Li Ning in the announcement on the 17th, said the company will launch a channel recovery plan worth 1.4 billion -18 billion, to help dealers clear inventory, repurchase stock, and will be identified and implemented in the next few months. Hunan is expected to detail the Air Jordan 5 status of about 50 million yuan to repurchase stock in the hands of dealers face ‘heavy’ inventory, Li Ning in desperation decided to spend buybacks. ‘This program, now in the preparatory stage.’ Li Ning Company over five years follow-informed dealers CHEN (a pseudonym) told reporters, ‘Li Ning Company to repurchase the goods mainly in 2010, 2011 inventory, as within two years Air Jordan 7 of large-scale industry-wide expansion, purchase volume index is 120% to 130% of actual sales, resulting in pressure on the stock. ‘For the repurchase price, Chen Jun also expressed considerable satisfaction. ‘Inventory pricing based on recency of goods, basically in four fold to half of this range.’ And in the sale of Li Ning old discount currently abound of three to four fold. According to Chen Jun, it estimated that the value of inventories in Hunan Province is expected to repurchase approximately 30 million to 50 million. The recovery in the Group’s inventories, also will be sold or given to poor countries or regions overseas. ‘For us, this means we will be able to bring out of Nike Air Max 2013 Nike Air Max Excellerate+2 the vicious cycle of inventory, so we have enough funds to purchase new products, to ensure the freshness of the market and profitability.’ It is worth noting that Li Ning dealers on pavement prior to the announcement of the upgrade is in progress. Notice will be heavily denounced 1.8 billion to pay for extensive expansion of the so-called ‘buyback’, from a Li Ning Company has released the announcement. 17, Li Ning Company announced involving funding up to 18 million channels revival plan is directed at the industry has long been plagued by the problem of inventory. According to the announcement, it said the restructuring will include support for receivables dealers clear inventory, repurchase, integrate sales channels, such as multiple program designed to accelerate the backlog of inventory liquidation, and revitalize the effective flow downstream, improve profitability and other channels. The buy-back, it is a major focus of this program. ‘The past ten years, the company expanded rapidly through wholesale Air Jordan 11 distribution network operators, to seize the opportunities of the first round of development. But development has Air Jordan 13 led to overly aggressive dealer inventory increased business and profitability of the overall decline in retail shops. ‘Li Ning, executive vice president of the new Kim Jin Jun frankly. In addition, Chen Jun told reporters, a lot of influence on the next line sales of electricity provider channel will be the focus of Li Ning’s next reorganization, now in consideration being. Pain 1.8 billion stock doubtful whether the clear before ‘broken wrist and strengthen the country,’ Li Ning has also made a lot of attempts. 2010, Li Ning brand remodeling company had hoped, be adjusted consumer group, waged with rebranding as the core brand promotion campaigns; final and did not achieve the desired effect. First half of 2012, net profit was 0.44 billion yuan, down 84.9 percent of annual data, indicating another crisis Li Ning, Li Ning store subsequent structural adjustment and closed the 1200 inefficient stores. It does not seem to bring significant improvement to the performance of Li Ning. In a sense, Li Ning now launched channels up to 1.8 billion recovery plan, it will be Li Ning’s life and death. Under such a major influence, Li Ning’s investors, I am afraid not so optimistic. Hong Kong stock market investors have in an interview evaluation found that although the move was ‘the right decision’, but 1.4 to 1.8 billion yuan of the scale is enough to clear old stock obstacles Li Ning remaining questions. After the 17th the company announced a huge recovery plan, Li Ning, was opened after the stock fell more than 5 percent, the day to close at HK $ 4.70, down 3.89%, significantly larger volume than the previous trading day. Regardless of how the market for this recovery plan, leaving Li Ning is probably running out of time.