Apple and other technology giants invest heavily in corporate bonds
June 10, Bloomberg reported, sources said, Apple, Oracle and other tech giants are investing heavily in corporate bonds. Since the holding of the total funds reached $ 500 billion, these technology companies have become a large-scale class of bond investors, and half of the share subscription Jordan Aero Mania bonds in certain process. In the past, bond market investors, mainly large bond funds, including the Pacific Investment Management Company, BlackRock, Vanguard Group, and Fidelity Investments. Bond is one of the favorite investment Nike Air Max 91 objectives of the investment manager, especially considering the Fed has for seven consecutive years to make short-term interest rates at levels close to zero. Sydney Westpac Banking Corp chief financial officer Ivory \u0026 middot; Zha Boer (Curt Zuber) indicates: \u0026 ldquo; we will treat them Air Jordan 8 as Fidelity or Vanguard similar investors. \u0026 Rdquo; in the fiscal year from October 1 last year began, the bank has issued $ 6.1 billion of dollar bonds, while total issuance since October 2012 reached $ 22 billion. Australia’s four major banks rely heavily on overseas bond markets. Sources said that the bank has sent representatives to Nevada, Reno, which is Apple’s treasury Braeburn Capital is located. Oracle’s fund managers are also resident Reno. Reno casino and gaming industry is known, where the lowest hotel prices just $ 69 per night. With respect to the New York, Boston and Newport Beach, California and other banking concentration, stay here cheaper. In recent years, as US Treasury yields and other security investment goods is too low, seek investment opportunities in corporate treasurers began to focus on the corporate bond market. And compared to other industries, the largest amount of money held by the technology sector. According to data compiled by Bloomberg, Apple, Oracle, Google, and other seven major technology company currently holds more than 500 billion US dollars in cash and marketable securities, three times more than 2008 years time. The problem is that a large part of the funds in the United States abroad. If you wish to transfer funds to the United States, then you need to pay high taxes. Therefore, these companies choose to invest in the bond market. Files from the regulatory authorities, as of March 28, Apple’s overseas subsidiaries held $ 171.3 billion 2015 Latest Nike Shoes of cash and marketable securities. Such a trend is to the traditional investors and new problems. Citigroup US high credit rating policy Leader Jason \u0026 Nike Air Max 2013 middot; Shoup (Jason Shoup) said that obtaining corporate bond placement is one of the fund managers outperformed the benchmark bond index easiest way, because placing price discount relative to the market price usually present. These bonds will need to be added to the index at the end of each month, so early investors can obtain up to 0.2% of additional revenue. As of March 28, total cash and marketable securities as Apple holds $ 193.5 billion. According to sources, Apple is now one of the largest buyers of investment-grade Nike Blazer Mens short-term corporate bonds, in the total amount of $ 1 billion bond issue is often as much as $ 200 million to buy shares. Market research firm Greenwich Associates research director at market structure and technology Kevin \u0026 middot; 迈克帕特兰 (Kevin McPartland) indicates: \u0026 ldquo; To be sure, Vanguard and the fund manager Pimco’s hope that Apple will call them and let them manage money, and not compete with them. \u0026 Rdquo; two informed sources said that Apple and other technology giants Oracle, the main buyers of Nike Air Max 2011 investment-grade securities in the 2-3 years maturity. Although most of the investment to invest in financial companies, but these tech giants have begun to aim high rating companies, such as Exxon Mobil, Merck and Wal-Mart bonds. As competition becomes more intense bond placement, technology companies are reaching out may issue corporate bonds, hoping to lock part of the share in their bond issues. Global fixed income sales, general manager of the National Bank of Australia John \u0026 middot; Bennett (John Bennett) indicates: \u0026 ldquo; With the big companies came to the US bond market, it is clear the demand is growing, which brought greater price pressure . \u0026 Rdquo; the latest documents submitted to the regulatory authorities show that Oracle has invested $ 25.8 billion of corporate bonds, while Google has invested $ 11.5 billion. In such a case, the market worried that if these big companies decided to funds for other purposes, it will impact the US bond market as a whole. Including Apple, Google and Pfizer, including the company is lobbying the US Congress, so that they can be at a lower tax rate will shift profits from foreign to domestic United States. In addition, if the Fed to raise interest rates, these companies might invest funds safer US Treasury bonds.