‘Dark horse Year Fair’ – all just for ‘mate’!
\u0026 ldquo; what entrepreneurs need? \u0026 Rdquo; 6 years, ‘entrepreneurs’ are always looking for the answer to this question. Today, at the Beijing National Convention Center \u0026 ldquo; the first horse hit rendezvous \u0026 rdquo; the scene, entrepreneurs chairman Niu Wenwen with deafening cries, told the site of thousands of entrepreneurs answer: \u0026 ldquo; we do not need applause, no encouragement, we the need to launch products go, we need talent, requires money, equity financing, our most urgent need to quickly deal. \u0026 Rdquo; everything not to trade for the purpose of the meeting is bullying! The first annual meeting of the dark horse hit the intersection subvert the traditional sense, so that the country millions of business groups of \u0026 ldquo; Demand \u0026 rdquo; collective release on this annual event lasted for two days. According to reports, the first horse from the ‘Entrepreneur’ organized by the Creative rendezvous on December 21 –22 held at the Beijing National Nike Air Max Humara Convention Center. This will be \u0026 ldquo; cross \u0026 Yuml; with \u0026 rdquo; theme to achieve \u0026 ldquo; \u0026 rdquo ;, four transactions for entrepreneurs and innovative enterprises trading in equity products, mentoring, talent and matching the four strongest platform . Since thousands of companies to benefit a lot, Air Jordan 20 also known as the dark horse dark horse hit the intersection of business to help inventory, it is the collective release of entrepreneurship and innovation group, it is China’s first trading venture innovative products, ideas, resources, and exchange conference. 2 days 6 games meet the strong demand for the product start-trading market needs: the needs of the entrepreneur is the largest product launch can go, \u0026 ldquo; i speak \u0026 rdquo; is helping. \u0026 Ldquo; i speak \u0026 rdquo; entrepreneurs talk, let the founders in the form of road shows to show their creative products, communicate their innovative ideas and product concepts. Just stand on the front Nike Dunk SB Mens desk, your story, wonderful beyond television! December 21 morning, Shenzhen in South China, East China, Nanjing, Wuhan in central China three layers of selection, the i endorsements and all Jordan Dominate Pro the chips jointly organized Jingdong \u0026 ldquo; 2014 annual China good product Jordan Son of Mars \u0026 rdquo; rendezvous for creators finals kicked off the whole drama. Ten innovative products will be released and all the chips in the field. Monk little more meat, investors speed to! More than one hundred million dollars in hardware team maybe born here! Entrepreneurship requires talent: 2015 Latest Nike Shoes Dark Horse Business Group has more than 5000 business founders, these companies have a strong recruitment needs, why can not we be like Lynx 11.11 as a business enterprise engaged in the recruitment section of it? Commodity equivalent positions, equivalent talent buyers, sellers equivalent founder, logistics is \u0026 ldquo; Zhou Botong \u0026 rdquo; recruitment. \u0026 Ldquo; in the December 12 that day out \u0026 rdquo ;. Niu Wenwen order, entrepreneurs mobilize all open dry! December 12 that day, hiring spree began. At one end of the screen, the 1000 founder of the online vigilant, the other end, 10,000 job seekers swarmed. 21 pm, the domestic first entrepreneurs customized recruitment carnival staged the ultimate showdown at the National Convention Center. Equity requires transaction: Bull. Dark Horse released the results of district annual equity financing, outstanding project site Roadshow, signed on the spot. Mentoring also need to butt join the dark horse college entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs docking mentoring, create a better future. Climax just begun, will soon start a prairie fire \u0026 ldquo; 2014 China Top Ten Entrepreneurs \u0026 rdquo; has been elected 22 pm, they will be witness to the glory of the National Convention Centre. But the audience of thousands of entrepreneurs, still looking forward to set off on their own situation. This year, Air Jordan 1 Prime Minister Li Keqiang, to strive to make the market play a decisive role in allocating resources. But when the market resources can flow to the grassroots and entrepreneurs who do? Niu Wen Wen said that we can not wait, rely on themselves. We had a lot of will, we do too many games, but can quickly obtain needed resources? Ten thousand years too long, seize the day. The first dark horse hit the intersection, is the dark horse business to help the inventory, it is China’s first trading venture innovative products, ideas, resources, and exchange. Together a new business era played strong sound with all the dark horse! From Shenzhen, Nanjing, Wuhan, to Beijing’s Zhongguancun, China’s venture all the way to pass the torch on the land of China, also seems to indicate, is about an entrepreneurial spark a prairie fire. This article i dark horse All rights reserved Please indicate the source, tort reserved.