[Hot] Where is the father behind the brand tragicomedy
no one expected, ‘Where is the father’ would have no sign of Jordan Son of Mars a sudden hit, the ratings all the way to break 300, but before the broadcast, in fact, it is not to be optimistic. In all the time people are not optimistic about today, there most likely regret is beautiful appliances marketing team. They once so close to Air Jordan 8 this success, but at the last minute because of an internal dispute of this project is determined to give up the title sponsorship opportunity, so I missed this year’s most popular marketing platform. But i think the dark horse in this day and age, not the value of the content is not age, but the contents of the scarcity of good times, really good content can still create good content. This took the risk but also with unlimited opportunities main title sponsor of position, because the United States of appliances chicken exit, so drop to the 999 children Ganmaoling. ‘Where is the father’ to bring success to the 999 children Ganmaoling brand recognition on the obvious, at least my perception changed 999. Go online to search for information, you will find that 999 children Ganmaoling obviously not marketing experts, the sponsor of the initiative spread very little done. But the main title sponsor of a strong identity in the program are exposed, so that 999 children in the absence of any cooperation Ganmaoling marketing, the program has become by far the biggest beneficiary of the brand. This is probably what we often say \u0026 ldquo; selection is more important than the effort \u0026 rdquo ;. Just for a new image and new packaging miss dumplings, this year has been looking for a platform to enhance the brand new image. Before singing program heyday, when thoughts hoping to catch a platform to be a co-sponsor to sing, because the main sponsor of the hundreds of millions simply too expensive. Just miss hesitant when not to be optimistic about the new show ‘Where is the father’ column start investment, missing the final two weeks before the official broadcast program about signing sponsorship contracts. Compared to those popular singing show, ‘Where is the father,’ less than a fifth of sponsorship is also an important factor in decision-making led to miss dumplings. For many people who do not cook as well as Guo would only cook instant noodles to his son’s father who, miss dumplings is a 2015 Latest Nike Shoes necessity to live at home. The brand temperament home deep sense of family and the importance of ‘Where is the father,’ a natural fit height. Timely follow-up of the series of print ads, creative microblogging and micro-letters, and set in the terminal stores \u0026 ldquo; Dad eat god horse \u0026 rdquo; promotion of parent-child interaction, have to miss the show off the brand to obtain a high degree of concern. Miss the first test the water entertainment marketing is so easy fame. Compared to the 999 PFP Ganmaoling and miss dumplings, on this high-grade atmospheric Infiniti luxury car brand in the program appear absolutely reminds us that families are not just warm Youyanjiangcu, as well as the high quality of the good life . Infiniti models implanted in fact, did not Air Jordan 12 catch up, ‘Where is the father’ of the first phase, but began to appear from Ningxia fought third period. Infiniti’s marketing team is at the end of August found the opportunity sensitive, rapid decision-making discussions within a week after the shooting in the first phase of the program only a week or so to confirm the sponsorship, the final catch this class brand Express. Compared to the 999 Ganmaoling and miss dumplings pure forms of advertising, Infiniti seven luxury SUV \u0026 mdash; Air Jordan 7 JX five pairs of father and son as the exclusive car star of the family, the program successfully implanted into the plot, its brands and products are more exposed manner clever, but also easier for the audience to accept. More importantly, the car’s target group is mainly the strength of home users, has been carried out by the emotional marketing and these consumer communication, but also for the SUV model advocated warmth advocate \u0026 mdash before Infiniti; \u0026 mdash; \u0026 ldquo; to own and love them more time and space \u0026 rdquo ;, this and ‘Where is the father’ This program has a file paternity strong emotional resonance. It seems today that 999 children Ganmaoling, miss dumplings and Infiniti is undoubtedly a strategic vision, but also of luck. But before this column broadcast archives, in fact, no one can predict an exact calculation of this sponsorship marketing success or failure. Air Jordan 12 If this file column fails, they may become the object of ridicule, and the Nike Air Max Excellerate+2 United States of appliances may also be determined to give praise to the discerning. Sponsorship marketing is sometimes a bet has always been a winner princely losers Kou, but unfortunately few people reflect on the losers tell and listen.