VC told you have to sell the house to go to work, how do you choose?
Q: As an entrepreneur, VC let me sell the house to go to work, I do not know how to do, we need to ask veteran recommend? A: Zhu Yong views: on the face of such a word, let us do it Evaluation, who can not do justice even to the point. Because we do not know how your business plan to provide quality, and you are what people Nike Air Max 95 DYN FW talk about investment projects to Air Jordan Spizike potential prospects? This is very important, of course, you exemplified the sentence, it is likely only VC with you He said hundreds of a sentence only. I have done a VC, I have often held with the project plan to entrepreneurs seeking to invest in saying this, you might consider selling all possessions entrepreneurship. But there is a premise that entrepreneurs take a proposal door outset rhetoric prospects of their project well how did the risk of how you can get even several times in return. In short, according to him, he is not to always want to invest but to give you money, no risk and high return on investment is absolutely no you did not look ungrateful.This feeling. In this situation, so I usually words, you can buy products to Air Jordan 7 sell investments, ah, because no risk, high-return thing, 100 square meters house a year out of 300 levels can change, why others can not invest in their own full-earned a. But having said that, if the entrepreneur saying the point, no matter how the project quality, and whether or not the investment will give sincere encouragement, can never be said to sell the house entrepreneurs selling speech.樊家龙 point: We do not know what the background of the VC to say when this remark was, but I can not imagine a decent VC will Air Jordan 21 be at formal occasions for entrepreneurs say such a thing. Investors really want to devote the entrepreneur will be able to raise their own resources among all business investment, not just for fun to do with nature. But this is based on the entrepreneurs voluntarily, rather than you go to recommend or order him to do so. Such request will first cause resentment entrepreneurs. Although the domestic investment environment is not yet mature, but has developed rapidly, has changed a lot compared to the mentality of entrepreneurs and the beginning, but a lot of investors are still stuck in the mentality of \u0026 ldquo; Nike Air Max 95 DYN FW handout to eat \u0026 rdquo; original state (and many non-professional investors, is this attitude), commanding orders for entrepreneurs, even made excessive demands, entrepreneurs in order to obtain financing, it may do so, but my heart will certainly be resentment. The beginning is not happy, the subsequent cooperation will be definitely more contradictions and frictions, which the operator of the project is no benefit. Secondly, such a requirement is likely to lead to entrepreneurs in trouble. Bluntly say that this is totally irresponsible suggestion. House goes without saying how important the Chinese people, especially people who are family room. To sell the house to go to work, if successful, it is naturally there was a romantic story, but we all know that business success is a small probability of something, most people will fail, and then what? With a wife and kids rent an apartment, the wife complained, her parents looked down upon Needless to say, children’s schooling, economic pressure of each month, are the real problem, you help people solve it? Of course, you can say business has always been there risk, but do not forget Air Jordan 7 that when you put this condition is imposed on him. Finally, investors can put forward such a request, and for entrepreneurs who might harm than good. Entrepreneurs project if they feel well enough to do very confident, he will naturally raise money to operate, sell the house is not surprising, for such entrepreneurs, investors, of course, will be very appreciated. But this must not be a mandatory 2015 Latest Nike Shoes requirement for investors to entrepreneurs, both logical sequence is different, which I have never seen as investors sold the house to give him the founder of the investment, if he is really doing I doubt his professionalism and ability, so that investors may not be entrepreneurs need. More entrepreneurs in doubt, please move to business problems: Ushi Answers Read / question paper consists of \u0026 ldquo; Ushi \u0026 rdquo; (microblogging: http: // and \u0026 ldquo; i horse \u0026 rdquo; co-produced the original Q Address: http: // detail.jhtml qid = 4462 Q \u0026 Q channels finishing from gifted!?. If you encounter any problems in reading process, please contact, look forward to your comments and suggestions! Also recommend entrepreneurs registered Ushi, expand your network of contacts, enhance your strengths. i dark horse also invite third-party media settled \u0026 ldquo; \u0026 rdquo ;, Laboratory Contact: @ old yuppie