7 simple strategies to help start-up companies win venture olive branch
i dark horse Note: The author John Rampton is an entrepreneur, investor, but also search engine marketing news site Search Engine Journal contributing editor, he also founded the focus on helping start-ups Companies Palo Alto. Here is the secret of the founder and investor summary of obtaining investment. Black Marco recommend it to everyone. I do not want to break your good fantasy, but not the only one you are looking for entrepreneurs stable investment. Every day I would be in contact with different entrepreneurs 3-5 times, similar events have become old-fashioned. Given the many venture investors and I faced the same situation as the entrepreneur you should take the initiative to highlight their own, or will be directly pass out of the venture. Exactly how to make your venture should be compelling investor? Want to impress investors, to prepare the following seven weapons. 1. There are real business this point is obvious. If you only have a so-called \u0026 ldquo; \u0026 rdquo ;, creative one million US dollars does not mean that it has become a real business. Business venture investment entity Air Jordan 4 will operate more interested in, rather than investing for those who wish to be rapidly acquired company to make quick money. The best start to build a real business plan to start to explain what your business is doing, what the market conditions, the company business organization, what you really need and so much money. Even when meeting business plan may have changed, but everything planned an early stage can give you solve the problem of space. 2. After the establishment of networks business plan is completed, you are ready to vote each for the wind \u0026 ldquo by phone and Email; money \u0026 rdquo; before, to begin to build relationships, find opportunities to introduce ourselves or recommendation. First, you want to find a cooperative venture capital. Once identified, it is necessary to maintain good relations with your contacts. If you have access to influential people for the venture and impress them, then you have Air Jordan 6 the inning. Even if not successful, you can use Twitter or LinkedIn indirect venture capital to get in touch. You can also consider using a university professor, CEO, business lawyers and other resources to get the recommendation. Frankly, if a person is not directly to me through the contact, I will not give his investment, it is so. You have to establish a relationship crazy. 3. Follow the PPT presentation 10/20/30 rule this is not a new theory, cover \u0026 middot; Kawasaki (Guy Kawasaki) as early as 2005 put 2015 Latest Nike Shoes forward this view, but it is still impress an investor Useful strategies. In simple terms, this rule requires your slide show contains only 10, a speech and not longer than 20 minutes, using no less than the 30th of the font. So what this 10 slides should be included? The problem your solution-based business model technology marketing and sales team competitors milestone status and timeline expectations and persuasive summary 4. You do not have to be afraid of public speaking about it feel ashamed . We are more or less experienced that fear. But do not let fear and anxiety overwhelm you Air Jordan 19 throughout the show. If you are warm, sincere, honest, investors will see this. They will notice your confidence in your product, and that makes you very persuasive. Not through the cartwheel or sing and dance this fancy means to attract attention. Ready, more practice, smile, look at your audience. Let investors know that this project is of great significance to you. 5. proof that you have done enough homework to be Jordan Melo M10 able to explain your ideas real market examples and data displayed. Brave competitors pointed out, and your difference. Through a vivid stories to prove your business can make money. According to Nike Air Max 1 investors Brendan Baker’s statement, only 5 percent of entrepreneurs able to speak a good story. Do you really want to stand out? To do that five percent of the minority now. 6. face to face reality, do not play Air Jordan 8 tricks with fabricated or exaggerated figures to fool investors, they will see through. Provide and display detailed plans and information, which must include the most important elements: the value of the driving force (the number of customers, selling price) and costs (sales and marketing expenses, cost of goods sold) and the like. 7. Do not be afraid tricky question investors will not take the initiative to approach you. When they make a tricky problem when they want to see from your knowledge and positive attitude. A similar problem is that if the investor team hopes at some point to hire CEO from the outside, what is the attitude of the founder, you will hope longtime CEO post? Do not be offended or give evasive answers. \u0026 Ldquo; I want to build a great company, but I am willing to make concessions \u0026 rdquo ;, like this answer give investors a good impression.