Do you have the guts to say: I do not and bad luck, people cooperate?
this week of an article clickthrough rate in the United States, called ‘bad luck, I do not hire people.’ (I do not hire unlucky people), gives me a lot of feelings, here to share it. What is ‘bad luck,’ the authors assume a situation, if you are a shop owner, ready to find a job when the clerk read born;? You received 100 resumes, most employers will probably one by one Look, however you’re busy, no time to read the 100, how do? The article’s author made a strange proposal ── simply from 100 parts of 10 randomly picked resumes, then, from 10 parts seriously pick one of the best! You said this practice, is not crazy? what if you lose that 90 resume even have a very appropriate, how to do? But the authors believe that when a store of work-study students, the majority of candidates are OK capable of, at least, probably every two candidates will have one is OK, so the employer in order to save time, you can easily lose only how many resumes, then pick one from which, anyway, a 50% chance, 10 being there five, so you can still choose a good time workers. You say, no, ah, the remaining 90 is not a pity? Blame, they are ‘bad luck’ it! At this article’s authors angle turn, mentioned at the beginning ── case, this is not work to work, but to find a high salary, and strong ‘key personnel’ mean? The author also proposed another approach, he said, key talent like this, 100 parts resume probably only one Air Jordan 20 part is in line with the big Most of the employers due to the difficult election, only to ‘deleting Act’ to the election, say this person autobiography have typos, OUT! This man picture looks too frivolous, OUT! The people who work change too fast, OUT! This person is not fit constellation, OUT! Finally some good rest, to pick a. However, the author reminds that ‘deleting Law’ is not very good, and finally, people found only ‘like a general’ because the so-called ‘no error’ does not equal ‘Excellent!’ The authors suggest that, when the 100-to-1 it should just look at a resume directly to see if this person has which ‘points’ to move you, make you pay attention, make you one of the bright eyes? than trying to be deleted, but ‘look for’ the rare The 2015 Latest Nike Shoes characteristics. Nike Air Max 90 HYP PRM OK, if you really found this one, what’s next? The authors suggest that 99 do not control other parts of the curriculum vitae, should direct him! You say, no! In case that 99 resumes have very eye ‘brighter’ it author is saying:? ‘It shows their’ bad luck ‘it!’ I find this ‘bad luck’ approach very feeling, this really solve the largest modern ── problem because the Internet will we all get through, and the plant will cost us all the items Air Jordan 6 or food are reduced, resulting Nike Air Max 24-7 in us ‘selective too.’ This time, ‘choose’ to become a modern key competencies . Recruitment is not just that he ‘find a job’, too, see, so many companies! Which one would you prefer? Usually choose ‘more money, less things close to home’, but this standard, an encounter time The delay will not work, the most common case, there is one you have to offer, in addition two waiting for you on the first room is already quite satisfied, but is not willing to, want to see another two, maybe more ? Stick this time, the greatest courage, is loudly said: ‘The two companies, I do not want you, because you bad luck, so slow to come to interview me, so slow informed me, I decided to choose this luck first came to me better offer it! ‘Moreover, say the election boyfriend / girlfriend, is not it so? Many have not decided.’ singles Air Jordan 22 club in a hurry, and pull the alarm, but still has ‘finally continue to ‘To delete Law’ in dealing with all pairings, this does not work, that does not work \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; finally, found that only full compliance with the (often ‘barely compatible’), but it has lost any touch point. When our hands have a choice, most of us are ‘petty’ and want to pick a good praise! However, ‘Select’ actually select the best? Also, select the ‘fun’ Because of pick too long, hollow. You say, ‘I do not find bad luck with my people,’ it? What’s a good dare! We all want their own Nike Air Max 90 Premium luck, good fortune, the fate of God himself comes knocking! But the author of this article for everyone a new thinking, the original, you not only waiting for good luck to your door, you can actually decide only people cooperation and good luck! You can decide these contacts your people, who are lucky, who are not lucky, when we began to understand the great block chunk of picking up excess option ‘bad luck’ label on the crown of their brave to say bye bye, we have more time, his hands empty, thinking also clean \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip ;. Moreover, more than a tremendous self-confidence ── perhaps their luck, but also really good up! I horse by the author of this article excerpts from old yuppie Mr.6, the original text click